Does The Voice Academy offer group lessons? 

Yes and no. At our school, every student experiences quality one on one tuition. No two voices are alike so our individual programs ensure you are being taught with attention to detail and that you are singing at your very best. We do offer workshops in song writing and do take some junior musical group classes.

Which styles of music do you teach?

We specialise in contemporary music, jazz and musical theatre. We work with several artists who write their own material, and take specialised song writing lessons.

Do you do concerts and Eisteddfods?

Yes and no. We provide opportunities for singers to record in a professional studio, attend specialist workshops and master classes, audition for theatre, and perform in concerts. We hold songwriter events throughout the year and an end of year concert. Although we have previously participated in Eisteddfods with much success, our school values developing artists and singers without the pressure of competition. Students have a choice as to whether Eisteddfods are a useful experience for their development.

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What is the minimum age my child must be to start lessons?

At The Voice Academy our priority is to ensure that all students have good vocal health. Our minimum age is generally 15. We believe younger children are at risk of vocal strain and injury. We also believe that by this age children are ready to focus during vocal exercises and understand how to learn correct techniques. 

Do you offer professional development for artists?

Yes, absolutely. We work with professional and aspiring artists from refining song writing techniques through to planning recording projects and career advice.

What are your opening hours?

Classes typically run throughout the year from Monday to Thursday with workshops and rehearsal times outside of these hours.

Can I try one lesson before I commit to singing lessons for the term?

Yes. We strongly encourage an introductory 30 minute lesson. During this lesson you can discuss any concerns you have with your voice, your goals and also get a taste of what lessons are like. Introductory classes are $40.. 

Where are you located?

Our vocal tuition room is located in the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart with entry from Wooby's Lane. 

Do you accept enrolments throughout the year?

Yes, we absolutely do. The sooner you contact us the better as we have limited places available.

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