"Jude has been more than a teacher to me; she is a mentor, a source of inspiration, a motivator and a friend. I joined the Voice Academy because I wanted to improve my voice, but Jude has actually helped me find my voice. Jude encourages me to challenge myself - in singing, in performance and as a songwriter. Her skills and talent as a singer and a teacher have been such a positive influence on me. I have a long way to go but I am very excited about what is to come for me and the Voice Academy."

Meg Bignell

The new hub for Tasmanian Artists

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and a nurturing environment

for young singers to begin 

their musical journey.

"When I was challenged by one of my song-writing mentors in the US to produce my own album I knew I would need a lot of help. I had only ever considered myself as a Song-Writer and it was a scary thought that maybe I could be an Artist in my own right. I knew I would need a lot of help - a Mentor to guide me with the project from start to finish, a Vocal Coach to help develop my untrained voice and a Producer who had experience (and was skilled) in modern productions and who was able to have a vision for a production from my simple guitar/vocals. I never dreamed that it was possible to find one person who would fulfill all 3 roles until I met Jude, director of The Voice Academy in Hobart. She is a very special person! Thanks to her I'm discovering a voice that I never knew I had and we have already started work on the production of my debut EP which is sounding amazing! These are exciting times!"

Laini Colman

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